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Advantages Of Video And 3d Tours When Buying Or Renting A Property

We have already written about the importance of photos when advertising real estate for buying or renting, and video and 3D tours are another additional element of your ad.

Virtual tours of the real estate market are a relatively new phenomenon and are not offered by all advertising agencies.

Why are tours like this an advantage?

When we buy a car, we like to drive it, try on shoes and clothes, so why not take a walk through a potential home before we decide to visit it live, and finally decide?

This is especially important now that the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, or simply if you want to “visit” the property outside the working hours of the agency that advertises it.

Photos as a visual aid are key, but they are two-dimensional and if they are well done – the corners and lighting are well chosen – you will mostly look at and choose the ones that flatter the space the most.

Video, 3D and 360° tours allow the customer to “fit” into the space, peek into all parts and feel how he would feel living in such a space.

Which technology to choose?
The easiest way to make a video is to hire a professional or shoot with your phone’s camera.

Video is better than photos because the display of space is a little more realistic than the one in the picture.

The customer, however, is still limited to what you as an advertiser want to show him.

Virtual 3D and 360° tours allow the user a more individual view – they can choose in which order and how they will view the property.

Using tours like this, they can change rooms, zoom in or out, and in 3D technology, they can change viewing angles.

Such technologies require special software.


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