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Are You Selling A Property? Paint The Door Black And Increase Its Price!

The analysis conducted by the American real estate agency Zillow, included more than 135,000 real estates to show which trends are currently popular with real estate buyers in America.

According to their findings, what motivated buyers the most to pay “a dollar more” for the desired property is the current popularity of black front doors in the real estate market.

According to the results of the analysis, houses with black front doors sell for an average of as much as $6,271, more than other houses, MarketWatch reports.

“We are witnessing a trend in which colors, especially darker ones, are becoming an increasingly decisive factor in customers,” said Kerrie Kelly, Zillow interior designer who conducted the research.

In addition to dark front doors, the list of current trends in the real estate sales sector includes biochromatic kitchens, blue bathrooms and pastel tones of interior walls.

Of the biochromatic kitchens, the most popular are those that combine the light tones of the upper kitchen elements with those dark colors of the lower kitchen elements. The survey results show that customers will be willing to spend more than $1,500 more than for other kitchens, on average.

For homes with blue bathrooms, buyers will be willing to pay $2,800 more than the asking price, which also confirms that dark interior colors are currently very popular.

“Contrasting colors, especially in kitchens and on facades, certainly give a certain added value in the process of selling a property,” Kelly said.

Nevertheless, US real estate experts warn that blue will soon go out of fashion, suggesting that they use more pastel tones to color their interiors to give the impression of spaciousness and the illusion of natural light in the space. Namely, pastel tones are also very popular among American buyers.

The colors that experts certainly suggest to avoid in a wide arc are yellow and brown because they have proven to be the most unpopular with potential buyers.

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