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Be Sure To Protect Yourself When Buying Real Estate

Buying an apartment is one of the most beautiful and important moments in life, which is accompanied by great joy, but also great care. As it is a question of investing the entire life savings, inheritance or raising a housing loan with a repayment period of up to 30 years, buyers feel fear and are afraid of being deceived.

The General Manager of the We real estate agency advises buyers not to make compromises when buying real estate: “Every sale in which We was involved was safe for both the buyer and the owner. We do a detailed inspection of each property, before it is in our offer. Buying real estate is a very important thing and we must not compromise! ”

Fraud when selling an apartment

There are also cases in which the purchase of an apartment went without great difficulties. These are situations in which buyers and sellers had pure intentions and ready documentation. Unfortunately, such cases are rare, especially when it comes to the sale of older apartments. Old apartments came into the possession of sellers through inheritance or gifts and often have incomplete documentation.

In these cases, it happens that the seller sells only his ideal part of the apartment, without first consulting the other co-owners whether they want to sell the apartment. With the introduction of public insight into cadastral books and cooperation with notaries, such scams are becoming less common, but again, if the buyer has no experience, it is possible to encounter this problem.

When it comes to buying a new building under construction, then the most important thing is to inquire about the investor, the degree of success of previous projects, as well as the company itself. Today, this information is available online and it is possible to check everything that interests you. The best solution for buying an apartment under construction is to buy apartments whose financing is covered by the banks themselves or to choose a reliable real estate agency that cooperates with investors.

Protection against fraud with the professional help of the
Real Estate Agencies are well versed in the different ways in which sellers and buyers have tried to deceive each other. That’s why good agencies know how to protect themselves and their clients. Selling an apartment is a very complex process and one of the most important decisions in life and that is why agencies do everything they can to protect themselves from fraud.

Verification of documentation

The first step in buying real estate is a detailed verification of ownership documentation. The owner must have a title deed and the basis for acquiring real estate. The title deed can be taken out in the real estate cadaster and it contains all the information about the owner, the holders of rights over the subject of sale, but also the notes, i.e.. cargoes that exist.

The title deed can be obtained by the owner himself, but also by the agency that mediates in the sale. The buyer can certainly check this information online, but the real estate certificate is the only valid document.

The basis for the acquisition of real estate is a document which proves the legal basis for the acquisition of the real estate in question. This can be a contract for the purchase of an apartment, but also a gift contract, a probate hearing or some other document proving ownership of the property.

Drawing up a pre-agreement

If the buyer finances the purchase of real estate through a housing loan, it is usually proposed to draw up a pre-agreement on the purchase, ie. sale of real estate in which the amount of participation and down payment is defined and the manner of financing the purchase of real estate.

The pre-contract and its provisions provide assurance to both the buyer and the owner that one party will not defraud the other, that the said provisions will be complied with and that both parties will successfully complete the work.

The pre-contract is notarized and only such a contract can serve as a guarantee.

Help with collecting documentation

It happens that the owner is missing some part of the documentation that the buyer needs to buy an apartment. It is often the consent of other owners, if there are more than one, or a confirmation that the apartment has been paid in full. In these cases, it is the agency that helps to collect these documents and it is the real estate agents who will be the first to notice that some of the documentation is missing.

Safe purchase of an apartment

Of course, it is possible for the purchase of an apartment to be quick and safe. There are cases where buyers and sellers did not have to do anything until the contract was signed. These are ideal sales, with clean papers and sincere intentions. However, there are also very bad experiences that are common in the real estate market. Under the pretext that they want to bypass the agency due to the payment of a commission, the owners or buyers call for cooperation without intermediaries. Then they are left without the opportunity to get legal help and advice that would help them secure their savings and buy an apartment in which to build their family and create memories in their home.

We, real estate agencies, rely on technology, which has improved the process itself to make it safe and efficient. One of the founders and CEO emphasizes that process automation does not mean not the presence of the human factor in terms of experts with experience but, the optimization of the process itself that allows both owners and customers to safely complete the sales process. Through the development of its business, We has reduced costs and thus created space for property owners to pay the lowest commission in the real estate market, while buyers do not pay it at all, and both parties can count on complete support when buying and selling real estate. Also, automation has contributed to reducing the possibility of errors that occur in most cases due to the influence of the human factor.


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