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Buying Your First House In California – Everything You Need To Know

Investing in a house or house is the biggest investment in life. We have prepared a list of things you should not forget when deciding which one to buy.
Investing in your own house or house is the biggest investment in life for most people, and it is extremely important that everything goes well. Be well informed and prepared – read everything you need to know when it comes to buying your first house!

From legalization, paperwork, neighborhood and networking, to how the windows are turned and whether the installations and insulation are good – there are a million things you need to pay attention to when buying your first house.

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We have prepared a list of things you should not forget when you visit the houses and decide which one to buy.

Do you have enough money?

This seems like the first issue you’ve worried about and a complete redundancy on this list. However, it is not enough to just buy a house – anyone who has already had experience with “independence” knows that this is a bottomless pit.

Painting, deratization and disinfection, loans, white goods, furniture… The list is almost endless, and at any moment you will need something more “for the house”. If you have secured a fund for the most necessary things for the house, you can embark on the adventure of searching for your new home. At the following link, read more detailed tips on how to find an house in Novi Sad and when the purchase is the most favorable.

What are your needs and priorities?

Extravagant architecture and unconventional space can irresistibly attract you, but don’t forget that you will spend a good part of your life there! Rather, opt for a simple space with harmonious room dimensions that suit your lifestyle.

When buying a house, the most important thing is to keep in mind what your priorities are. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice a nice terrace for a good location, or a good location for a parking space. Fortunately, construction companies are increasingly focusing on building housing, so the supply of houses has never been higher.

If you are a passionate lover of plants and do not want to give them up, it would be good to look for houses with windows facing east, so that your house is exposed to a large amount of natural light. It is not bad to have a small terrace, just enough for two chairs and a few pots. If traffic noise bothers you, look for a house away from busy roads. In case you need a more detailed arrangement of your new home, you can always advise experts or useful tips for decorating online.

What is nearby?

For everything else, it is not so much a problem to walk a little longer or drive. It would be good if you are not too far from the workplace, if you do not intend to change jobs in the near future. If there is something else that is important to you in addition to the mentioned things – include it in the calculation.

Also consider the possibilities for wild construction in the area: if there is room for it physically, it can easily happen that someone completely blocks the light or makes the terrace uncomfortable near your windows. Also, if there is a popular nightclub or cafe nearby, count on the noise in the wee hours.

Parking and transportation – is the location well networked?

Parking space in the building is another big expense that may not immediately occur to you. If you would rather park your car somewhere around the building, don’t forget that the car is exposed to rain, snow, sun, unscrupulous birds and the same people – if you can find a place nearby.

Those who do not drive must investigate how far away the transport stations they need are. Ideally, the station will be a minute or two away from the building, away from noise, crowds and rubbish, and there will be lines that cover most of the city.

What is the neighborhood like?

Once you have found the ideal house in a good place, it is time for an “internal investigation”. Although you will learn a lot about a potential place to live with well-informed real estate agents, you will have the best insight into the environment if you explore it yourself.

Don’t be ashamed to knock on doors next to, below and above yours. If a family with small children lives above you, accept that they will sometimes jump over your head and make noise, or look for another house. The same goes for houses that are rented out to students, and if you are a person who sometimes likes to have a house party – away from grumpy neighbors who will constantly call the police.

In the house itself: installations, papers and unpleasant surprises

The look can be deceiving: the sight of a clean, emptied and freshly painted house that can be yours will make your heart beat, but don’t relax right away. If you are not a builder or a sharp-eyed architect, you will have to rely on someone for information. So be careful in that situation!

Before you make a purchase and sign anything, perform a detailed inspection of the house. You don’t have to do it yourself – seek the help of a craftsman or other knowledgeable, experienced person, and check if the owner has tried to hide something from you. Buying a house is a big expense and additional repairs and renovations are the last thing you need.

When you are sure that everything is as it should be, it is time for the shopping process itself!

Tax exemption for the first purchase of real estate

You will be pleased to hear that you are exempt from tax in California in case you are buying real estate for the first time, provided that it is up to 40 square meters! If it is higher, you pay tax only for the difference (square meters of the house minus 40 square meters = square footage for which you pay), and if someone else who does not own real estate moves in with you, you are exempt from taxes for an additional 15 square meters.

Buying a house – important steps

These are some of the bureaucratic checks that you must perform before you give money or sign a document, or expect you immediately after the purchase:

check the real estate cadaster – check in the cadaster who owns the house, whether it is registered and whether is mortgaged;
“Small print” – study the sales contract in detail, preferably with a real estate agent or lawyer;
tax payment – you must pay real estate tax no later than 10 days from the verification of the sales contract!

Buying a house is a stressful and important decision, but there is little more pleasant than echoing the first steps in your new house. Finally on your own! With the necessary prior knowledge, it will be a nice experience, and with a little luck to get “good” neighbors.


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