The Importance Of Proper Lighting Arrangements In Homes

You know that feeling when you enter a room and you have a feeling of comfort, when you have the feeling that everything is arranged and in its place even if it is not like that every time, and you think that the home is decorated in a modern way?

How do we get there?

The answer is – lighting.

It is not the only factor, but lighting is very powerful in the arrangement of any space and contributes a lot to the overall impression as well as the value of the property.

How is that possible?

Light affects our mood – well-lit spaces give us the feeling that everything is healthy, while the darker ones seem gloomy.

Spaces with side lighting, especially if it is dimmed, can seem romantic and relaxing.

How then can you place the lighting in your home so that it contributes to comfort, and not to cause headaches.

No, we are not talking in metaphors – headaches are a frequent consequence of inadequate lighting – flashing light bulbs, insufficient bright lighting when reading or working on a computer.

Importance of lighting

In addition to contributing to the quality of life in the space, well-placed and selected lighting contributes to a more organized design with elements of luxury.

You don’t need to be an interior designer for a good strategic lighting installation, and here are your options.

Yellow and white light

White light mimics daylight and is more pleasing to many than yellow.

The colors you have in the interior will not look different in photos or live.

Apart from personal preference, there is no reason to favor one type or another.

What is important is that the two types of light do not mix.

If you choose white light, all light sources should be white, and if you choose yellow, yellow.

The combination of the two colors will seem incongruent and reckless in design.

LED Lighting

LED strips, light bulbs and panels have become very popular in the last few years.

They are great for accentuating parts of the home – around paintings, mirrors, on steps, above the work surface in the kitchen, for lowered vaults.

What is important about LED lighting is that it does not go with all styles.

A rustically decorated home or business space will not be suitable for installing LED lighting.


Chandeliers are a great choice for large rooms where strong lighting is needed.

When choosing a chandelier, you should take into account the style and fit of the interior.

Side lighting

Whether it is LED lights that accentuate the art image as in the gallery, floor lighting that visually expands the space, wall lamps, side lighting contributes to better enjoyment.

You don’t have to decide to keep only the chandeliers or only the side lights on all the time – if necessary, let all the lights be on or, depending on what you are doing, just turn on someone.

But they can also be used to accentuate your favorite part of the living room for example.

Lighting by rooms 

The living room is the place where the most attention is paid to combining types of lighting because it is where most of the time is spent in various activities.

It is important for the kitchen that your work surface is well lit, so the strategic placement of light bulbs or LED strips is the best choice.

You can play with the bathroom again – the ceiling light is enough for a smaller bathroom, but you can always have some side lighting if you want to afford SPA moments.

Lighting around the mirror is very useful, especially for women when putting on make-up, and the dimmed light bulb in the shower cabin will give you a special experience when taking a shower.

Don’t forget the hallway – a well-lit hallway, as well as a nice light in front of the house will not only make it easier for you to move, but feng-sui experts say that a well-lit driveway and hallway attract prosperity.

The lighting of the yard or terrace should certainly not be forgotten – and there you can play with lanterns and lanterns.

Lighting as an expression of creativity

There are no rules for setting up lighting and some formula by which every home can be arranged.

As there are light sculptures, you can express your creativity in your home by lighting either by choosing a lamp or by placing it to accentuate a certain part of your home (eg a bookshelf or a piece of furniture you inherited from your grandmother).

The more light sources you can combine, the greater the opportunities for creative expression, and as a bonus, the home will have more value.

Ecology Approach

An ecological approach to lighting is something that has been talked about for a long time.

Choosing energy-saving light bulbs will not only reduce your electricity bill, but will also help the Planet.

The same goes for light bulbs and lighting with a potentiometer.

Also, take into account what materials the bulbs you buy are made of and choose the ones that will do less harm to you and nature.


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