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Which Floor To Choose When Buying An Apartment?

Which floor to buy an apartment on is a question that is viewed differently from several angles. It is not the same whether they are younger or older people, sick or healthy, families with small children or without, people who buy an apartment now and do not think they will change it for the rest of their lives. 

There are many other factors that affect the question “buy an apartment on this or that floor”, but the location, the willingness to pay more or less, and so on definitely stand out. It is true that every commodity has its buyer and that there is a buyer for an apartment in a solitaire on the 10th floor, but also for an apartment on the 1st or 2nd floor.

What Do Agents Say?

The experience of the agents says, however, that it is best to own an apartment on the 2nd floor. Such real estate can cost up to 25 percent more than the others in the building, which are on the “more problematic floor”.

So, both the 1st and the 3rd are lower, although they are the golden mean in a building of four or five floors. Arguments for the 2nd floor are at the same time numerous that it is easy to get to the apartment without an elevator, to the fact that you are close to the exit, but also far enough so that dust and noise do not reach you directly from the street.

The apartments in the middle are better because of the insulation, you are somehow “tucked” among the neighbors in every way, so it is warmer in winter and colder in summer, which means less utilities and electricity costs…

Also, the view from the terrace is nicer than on the first floor and the lighting is better.

The Least Desirable Floors

On the other hand, the attic and the first floor are somehow the least desirable. In the attic it can be cold and hot depending on the age of the mushroom, it can also leak, usually there is no elevator to the door…

The first floor, however, many avoid because you often have the feeling that on the street “and that a passerby sees what you have ”. The first floor is under attack because of thieves, but also because of noise and dust…


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